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Steve Lucas

Demonstomper … against my better judgement i will post this final post … you seem to embrace the hateful, merciless pseudo christian philosophy of the Christian Taliban from Texastan who proudly and arrogantly have unfurled their blood stained banner within the white house that reads … “DO UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THEY DO UNTO YOU” … I pity anyone who dwells in such intellectual and moral dwarfism who for a moment tries to reconcile killing anyone for any “cause” with doing God a service … Jesus said they who live by the sword shall by the sword die … go to any of your military memorial graveyards and see the evidence of such folly … it takes a great nation to forgoe and forgive any perceived wrong done to it … it takes a violently immature and christless nation to react to a perceived wrong with military force and extreme violence … Shalom ..

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