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Steve Lucas

Stomper … you have inadvertantly addressed a number of points why christians should boycott this sham “democratic” process … by giving legitmacy to the process you give legitimacy to the rule of man “democracy” … Israel sinned by “democratically” electing Saul … they rejected God as their King … the US dollar bill should read “In the President and the Rule of Man we trust” … also about Saddam … what did the Reagan administration do while this murderous regime was killing innocent Iraqi’s? … it supported it and even sent Don Rumsfeld to shake Saddam’s hand … flip, flop, flip, flop … the US administration presently supports the “Butcher of Uzbekistan” … perhaps he will be tomorrow’s “Saddam the merciless”? … http:www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3943.htm … relationships of convenience are the signature of every whore … may God save the USA from those who lead it ever onward to economic collapse and social failure.

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