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Helpful 1 writes:

<< I am of the opinion that “democracy” is an idol at best and the “image of the Beast” at worse … “democracy” literally means “man rule or law” … if you or I as a christian and member of the kingdom of God vote for any person or party promoting “the rule of man” and willing to wage war on other nations to bring them also under “the rule of man” beware that you are not held accountable by the King of Kings for your compliant nod>>

So…you are in favor of monarchies whose rulers are chosen by deities…is that what you think is the best way to govern a populace?

If the creating deity gave humans a developed brain, and tempted them with the fruit of knowledge, then kicked them out into the rest of the world when they had gained the knowledge, and then expected them to make intelligent choices about living together with other humans, and even helped them out during war with infidels….what makes you think that this deity wouldn’t expect humans to form a workable and fair form of government to maintain the peace and better the community?

What kind of government do you think your deity would approve of?

Some human group has to take care of the day to day business of bunches of humans living together…who do you think should do it?

and this:

<<Jesus is my King and he has not abdicated the throne for any man>>

How nice for you…do you live on an island by yourself?

and last, but not least:

<<my hands are free from the stain of Iraqi blood … are yours?>>

All Iraqis are not terrorist murderers. I would gladly “stain” my hands with the blood of vile and fanatic terrorists who have no compunction about killing as many non-muslims as they can, including innocent children….stain them I would if I had the chance.

What country do you live in?


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