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Dear beloved ones,

Let me advice you trying to avoid sensationalism towards political preferences within, since that is not the subject now.

Dear Paul:

Men were created with the capacity to make their own decisions.

God is able, and no matter who’d been chosen; He has control…

People don’t need to be very capable or well educated to trust God, nor do they have to be middle class literate ppl. to understand the Scriptures. However, the point is why do many Christians don’t vote, which is not a matter of being able to (can Vs cannot); is it many of us (Christians) are not willing to. So there could be lots of reasons why many people in general do not vote: lack of confidence, degeneration of values in the society, frustrations emerged by illusions, immaturity, etc.

I insist: We are responsible for interceding for our governors in prayers all the time.

May God bless you all my brothers and sisters!!


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