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Bird wrote this in the Praize OP topic at the top:

<<The republicans have had all the offices .. the house, senate and presidency. there is not an adgenda that was hampered because of democrats.. and there is still abortion, gay marraiges, and no prayer in public schools.. republicans are hypocrates. they promise morals and do nothing but a half-baked attempt to better this country morally.

thus I say we should vote, not for a person , weather he is republican or democrat, but by if he is the better person for the job.


We have at best a two party system, and should probably have more to make it better, but right now two parties are most viable. We have more than one party because we want to make choices. Locally the two parties are not much different. Nationally, the differences are dramatic…mostly because one continually wants to best the other, and not necessarily because one will run the country differently.

We are too diverse a country to expect that under a Republican president and/or Congress (or Democrat) the talking points of the party will be followed to the letter and big, big changes will be made in our country.

Gays and their desire to form legal unions and/or marriages will still be a hot topic. Abortion and the concerns about the legality and safety and personal choice will still be a hot topic. These issues will not be decided by any one administration. I do not think anyone can really and truly expect those who campaign for these rights to go back into the closet or back to the illegal butchers of women’s bodies. Stop hoping these topics will go away.

And prayer in school? The Equal Access Act gives all religions the right to pray in school, form clubs, study holy writs, wear tee shirts and religious jewelry…so what is it people want?

Prayer in school is allowed, but not teacher or administrative led prayer.

Of course that is ALL religions and atheists too, not just the christian religion.

Who keeps the myth alive that kids can’t pray in public schools?

Anyway, why should a multi-cultural country like the United States have one religion writing all the rules and running the government. Vote for only christians!? That is a Theocracy, not a Democratic Republic!


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