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Let’s try this again.

First, your run-on sentences are bit difficult to decifer.

I’m not going to get into a debate what occurred in heaven prior to the creation of the earth (the fall of lucifer etc), I’m only intersted in what the bible says about angels and it tells us they were created to serve God. There’s absolutely nothing bad about that (nor any evil), but God obviously wanted a different kind of relationship with the creature he created called man.

To achieve that, he gave us the ability to choose to follow him or not. We of course can’t know the mind of God, but it may have something to do with a couple of different kinds of relationships here on earth. Now, we don’t have here on earth a positive non-choice relationship like God and the angels, only negative ones, such as between a master and his slave. Now that slave serves his master out of fear for his life, punishment or whatever, but certainly not out of love. If the situation ever arises where the slave ever has the opportunity to save the life of master or give his life to save him, he mostly will not.

Now consider the relationship between the best of friends. Out of love for each other they will do anything for the other, including giving up his life to save the other. But it’s more than that, it’s being there for the other, sharing their joys, pains, suffering, helping out, whatever the other needs. It is this kind of relationship I think is somehting like what God wants with people.

All evil has to do with this is either turn people away from God (or try to) or keep them from turning to him in the first place. People choose to be evil, God has nothing to do with it.

As to free will, only fundamental Christians will equate free will solely with sinning (ie choosing to sin is exercising “free will”), but free will is more than that. A positive example of free will is choosing to serve on the missions ministry team as opposed to serving in the church’s nursery.

if God is perfect, and has the ability to create the entire universe from nothing, he should be able to design an earth with “Plate Tectonics” that move SMOOTHLY thus dismissing a need for earthquakes!

You assume that earthquakes are a sign of imperfection. I don’t. They are natural part of God’s perfect design of the earth.

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