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So… let me see if I got this right? everyone seems to be saying that the reason evil is allowed to exist is because God want’s us to have a choice to serve him and do good, (choice is good) so are you saying that unless evil/Satan is an option, man does’nt really have free will? (nonchoice is bad) What about the people in heaven? is Satan and evil going to be allowed in heaven so free will and choice will continue to be an option for them? (choice is good) or will they be mindless robots forced to do good without an option to do evil if they choose? (non choice is bad). and as far as Earthquakes, if God is perfect, and has the ability to create the entire universe from nothing, he should be able to design an earth with “Plate Tectonics” that move SMOOTHLY thus dismissing a need for earthquakes! Don’t you think?



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