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John, I have been reading Ryan’s topic “I am an atheist” and I think I have a good idea of your feelings about science. Just didn’t want you to have to bother going up and down that flagpole again.

That was quite a topic!! I am no match for either you or Ryan in debate or knowledge. I appreciate you both, even when you are ranting or flaming.

I still find it interesting and even a bit disturbing that instead of debating atheistic ideas with atheists, many think we are looking for something we are missing and spend time trying to help us see what it is.

We are atheists, we are here…how can we help you understand us better? Ask why we do not consider sin, not that we do not know what sin is, but why we condider ethics instead of sin? Ask how we can have ethics/morals without benefit of a deity’s guidance?

Can’t speak for Ryan, but I am not looking to be saved, just interested in debate and learning, and answering your questions about my lack of belief. I would like to give my viewpoint on life without deities, not hear about why I should believe in one. But I don’t debate the bible unless the topic is really, really interesting.

Sheesh, is this topic derailed??!! Sorry.


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