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No, you cannot trust in a deity to know what it is doing. We can only trust in ourselves to prevent evil, change evil, control evil or destroy evil in the world of reality. Evil will do its work in the world while it exists, but we can’t wait for deities to deal with evil in some assumed afterlife.

Evil people are real and solid and it will take real and solid good people to deal with it. If your deity wanted to, it could destroy evil and illness and inequality, but it doesn’t want to or it can’t, and that is a very big question…why not?

I don’t buy human suffering for some mysterious reason only your deity knows. I don’t buy the “free will” excuse given for your deity’s inaction. Why do you?

As far as I am concerned, your deity has failed miserably to love and care for and guide its precious creations, and it started with the Adam and Eve soap opera. What kind of loving parent would place temptation within reach of innocents, knowing that they would give in to temptation despite warning, and then punish them and their descendants for eternity? But just their descendants, right?…not the humans that Cain took up with. Your deity is not a good parent, not then and not now. And it is one very good reason why people have stopped believing.

There is evil only because humans are bred or reared such that all their humanity is twisted and destroyed.

Prayer will never change that, only direct human action will.


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