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why is there evil?

you hear that question a lot lately. our world is so messed up, that people belive that if God was really there, he’d fix things up so we could all lead painless lives. but it’s very simple: we are the cause of evil. we were all concieved and born in sin, and the sins we commit result in a lot of problems in the world. i suppose God could intervene and fix things anyway, but He gives us free will, and the ability to make our own decisions. if someone rejects God, then God won’t force him to believe. the devil and his servants are ever present around us, trying to lead us away from the truth. and one of the main ways they do that is by causing bad things to happen, in hopes that we will lose our faith. why God doesn’t prevent the bad things from happening, well, there could be many reasons. romans 8:28 promises us that everything that happens, God can turn into good. whether that be death, sickness, whatever, it all can serve a purpose and bring about the better good, according to His plan. God can use earthly troubles as a test of faith, or to strenghten your faith and bring you closer to Him. but we won’t see the true end of evil until judgement day. hang in there, and remember that God’s hand in always working though your earthly troubles, ultimately to leave you standing in the end better off than you were before. we don’t always understand why something in happening, but we can trust that God knows what he’s doing.

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