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John, how do you know all that you have told me about my questions? You speak of spirits and such…supernatural influences upon humanity’s quest for deciding which is evil and which is good, and how to act accordingly, but what has that to do with reality?

Are you presuming that no good or evil act by humans can be done without supernatural influence upon said human thought and action?

While evil has been done by atheists, they have not had deity approval for their actions against humanity, so their heinous acts fall clearly upon their own very human shoulders. Theists regularly claim to have divine approval and guidance for actions good people would consider evil, and they call it the will of their deity, whether moving in mysterious ways or not.

What say you of a deity who condones evil actions against other humans? What about the humans who commit such actions? Where is their human responsibility for making good and virtuous decisions according to a code of ethics?

“With or without religion, good men will still do good, and evil men will still do evil, but it takes religion for good men to do evil.” Do we see that throughout history?


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