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My question is this; if a deity does something which humans consider to be an evil act, is that deity evil? There are too many instances in the history of religions in which humans following the will of their deity commit acts of horrible evil upon their neighbors, community or even family. Acts which any sane person would call evil and wrong. If deities are what their believers claim they are, that is, loving of their creations and forgiving and asking all humans to worship it and love one another, then how can they ask their creations to commit evil upon one another?

Are we to believe that there is evil only because a deity demands evil to be done? Does that leave humanity with no choice in whether to do good or to do evil?

Then this is the larger question; how can some people resist doing evil while others cannot? If evil stems from a deity, then how do some resist the demands of a deity to do evil, choose good instead, and not suffer the curse of said deity?


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