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Started with Adam and Eve. God said “do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”. Eve was tempted by the serpent and she gave to Adam and they both did eat. The serpent convinced them if they ate they would be like God themselves (hmm another lie, imagine).The Angel drove them from the garden and said that man will work by the sweat of his brow and women will give birth in gr8 pain. Adam and Eve’s disobidience to God is what brought evil into the world. And, yes he wants you to excercise freewill to love and serve him, He does not want a bunch of mindless robots. Even the Angels have freewill. When satan was cast out of heaven he was given dominion as the prince and power of the air here on earth. but, he has no influence over christians because we are commanded by our God to occupy until His return. When God created the earth the tectonic plates were cogent but, since the original sin things have kind’a gone down hill. And besides the shaking and trembling becomes very importantduring the tribulation.

If the problem was that they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, then if follows that they had no knowledge of good and evil prior to eating from the tree. So, how could Adam and Eve known it was evil to eat from the tree? To disobey God? In legal terms, it seems they didn’t have the capacity to understand their actions or the ramifications of them. It would be like punishing a mentally limited person for taking a piece of gum from a store even if that person couldn’t comprehend what stealing is or why they shouldn’t do it. Loving God, indeed.

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