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Hello jcrawf! you said:

“That’s fine, but the point is that you seem to imply that having any rules at all is slavery.”

How did you make that leap? Now you are putting words in my mouth! I never implied anything of the sort, and if I did, quote me on it!

“So, by your analogy, you are essentially saying (in concerns to how a Christian may interpret it) that a child is ‘forced’ to love his Father out of fear and punishment.

A good father would NEVER tourture his child with fire for not loving him, your God will!

“So, in a sense, it is like saying to hate your father for having authority, for he ‘forced’ you one time to do your homework and go to school, etc.”

A good father would never give his child “free will” when it comes to doing his homework!

“I would agree with that, but not that, ‘Good men will always do good, Bad men will always do bad, in spite of religion. The only difference is that the religious man will use his religion to justify his behavior weather it be good or bad’, mainly on the last point;”

The point I was trying to make with that quote was, if you look at the way people have justified their behaviors, religious people do seem to always put God in the mix. example… If you asked Mother Teresa a very religious person why is she doing so much good? she would probably say because God Commands us to help those less fourtnate. If you asked Bill Gates, an atheist, why is he helping so many people with the “Gates Foundation” (the largest chariety on earth) he would probably say because he wants to help people. Hitler (a religous evil man) mentioned in his book Mein Kamph that he is doing the lords work by defending himself from the Jews! wereas Joseph Stalin (an evil atheist) just killed people he did’nt like! never mentioned the lord once!



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