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Greg Platt


My only issue here is that I have talked with a lot of homosexuals. And I have yet to find a single one who feels as if they are making a choice. Now, I am not talking about a person who is experimenting…that is a choice.

However, most true homosexuals do not recall having ever made a choice to “be that way”. I know of people who are Christians, who attended church as a child, who continue to attend church, who have been baptised, who are gay. So that is what has led me to my conclusion.

I am not claiming that homosexuality is a correct or proper state of affairs, rather that it is the natural outgrowth of sin affecting humanity for thousands of years.

In terms of what you said above:

It is true that the natural way to have sex is one man with one women. So what I see there is a condemnation of homosexual behavior. It is not a condemnation for being homosexual. There are many things that we can be born with us that are not right, having an extra chromosome, for instance. That is not the NATURAL way for things to be, however it is certainly not a choice.

Also gay people, if you ask them, were not born with BOTH sets of charecteristics, they were born with one…they are attracted towards the same sex.

And again, as I mentioned earlier, there are documented cases of homosexual behavior in animals. Cows (females) for instance, will hump one another, this seems to occur when one or the other is in heat. Do you feel this is a learned behavior? Or is it instinct?

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