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Greg Platt

Some Scriptural references

1) Genesis 19 – God does come right out and say its bad…however since he is getting ready to destroy the city for the immorality of its people, I think an assumption could be made that their plans to have male-male sex is immoral.

2) Judges 19:22 – We see pretty much the same thing occuring “Wicked Men” desiring sex with another man.

Im sure others can provide plenty more. Let me just say that my own personal examination has led me to the following belief (and I am NOT an expert): homosexuality is natural. It is natural in the same way that cancer is natural. Or that death is natural. That is to say: it exists in the world because of sin. Centuries of sin have caused mutations to the human genetic code. However like any other sin, or mutation it can be healed by the power of God. And the sin can and will be washed away by the power of Jesus Christ.

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