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Hi GG7

Amen Sister, we don’t know who is on the end of the question like God does so we must assume they really need to learn what God has to say about it. Also who is to say that the person who dosn’t understand is not a babe in Christ, and it is the more mature christians responsability to with love teach them truth. or hey am i to assume we all just arrived already and know it all? Umm! Any ways with Love we must reach all of people we can while we still have time how much only the Father knows amen.

Yes being a homosexual is an abomination to God because it goes against His plans (reproduction) homosexuality can not help fulfill John 3:16.)Note please I mean in an ongoing sense retroactive sin can be dealt with and forgiven! Because there is no records of birth coming from homosexuality, and therefore a non existent person can not be saved! God is love and even provides a way in Christ for all walks of life that they can turn from what ever sin it is that holds them in bondage. Sin is sin dirt is dirt hetrosexuals can be in hell too one day right along with non repentant persons no matter what walk of life they came from.




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