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Well, I have read a few of the replies here and you all seem to be of the same opinion. So lets shake it up a bit.

Why is Gay bad? – it isn’t – pure and simple.

People always say that “it says so in the bible”. Well, actually it does – right along with not eating pork (that would be bacon, hamburgers etc) (lev 11:6) and you can’t wear polyester (Lev19:19) – actually Leviticus is pretty strict – so when you follow all those rules, THEN you can say that gay is bad because the bible says so.

In terms of the procreation issue. If this is correct than any “man-woman” couple who chooses not to have children is just as bad. In fact, any couple who marry just for love and companionship (like seniors) are to be condemned as evil. (I believe the rules for stoning are also laid out in Leviticus)

So, what it really comes down to IS what Jesus says – which always comes down to love. Besides, all we can do is try to interpret the will of God and live as we can – it is not up to us to Judge. Personally, with the ravages of AIDS, poverty, war, environmental disasters and the like cause by us humans, I can’t believe that two people who love each other can be seen as bad or evil at all. In fact, I think that the amount of time and effort that some churches have put into fighting against Gay rights is the real sin – you have children in your city dying of poverty and drugs and you fight against love. Interesting choice. I am sure God gets up every morning and say “forget helping those poor people, make sure that you fight against those Gays!”.

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