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Hi Tiffany,

I think this is a wonderful question! As Christians, we always need to be prepared with an answer for questions like these.

Here are my thoughts:

Homosexuality is a sexual perversion, just like incest, child molestation, or bestiality. God made our bodies to be a temple for the Holy Spirit, and to defile them with sexual immorality is wrong.

One must realize that homosexuality is a behavior born of desperation and pain. Studies on both sides confirm that most homosexuals were molested (or otherwise severely traumatized) as children, and did not develop a normal sense of sexual identity. They reach out to others like themselves for validation as adults (or adolescents), which only worsens the situation. It becomes a cycle of guilt, deceit, safe-hatred and carnality that ultimately leads to destruction.

We all know about AIDS, but what of the other problems and disease running rampant within the homosexual community? These risks include a 30% rate of suicide, increased rate of anal cancer in men, genital warts, and other serious issues. There are plenty of sites on the Internet which provide this information. Two good ones are:



Always keep in mind that the “gays” shown on TV and other media aren’t the real thing. These characters are whitewashed, sanitized and packed by the media to promote an idea and desensitize the general public. Don’t be fooled. Real homosexuality is a very dark, hopeless and depraved lifestyle. Have you ever wondered why REAL gay events, such as the gay pride parades, aren’t shown on TV? These events are notorious for their lewdness and vulgarity, including fully public sex acts. Homosexual activists (the mainstream media included) don’t want you knowing the truth – not until it’s too late for you to stop them.

God had obvious reasons for forbidding homosexual behavior. As Christians, we need to reach out to these people with love, tenderness and understanding of Christ. We need to help them heal, not endorse a lifestyle which will eventually consume and destroy them.

I hope this helps.


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