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Chris Medway

drdeancrosby (Dr. Dean Crosby)

As yourself, I’m impressed by this author’s way with words. I wonder if he has read any Walter Wink. He certainly seems to have his take on ‘The Powers that Be’ and other publications. If you have not read him, might I reccommend?

One comment though. I don’t think he was comparing the Bush admin. to the Third Reich. He seems to simply be pointing out what an uncritical and submissive electorate can end up endorcing if they suspend their right to object and claim thereby to be ‘spiritual’ and ‘unworldly’. Christians should not just meddle in politics, they should be politicians and civil administrators, entrepeneurs and engineers. All that is required for evil to increase is for good men to do nothing. In effect though it also means we must expect our politicians to have imperfections and also sometimes to have inept or bad policies. I wonder myself at what point in history Hitler could have been brought down by legitimate means. He certainly had a powerful hold over the minds of many of his followers but there were many others who saw him for what he really was very early on in his political career. I feel the whole issue is not as clear cut or black and white as the Author presents it but the call to stand up for compassion, honour, dignity, integrity and social justice rings a few bells where ‘the church’ is concerned, especially in America and Britain.

LOve Chris.

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