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Susie A

“When people killed their fattest calf, or their most prized lamb as a burnt offering to God, they did this knowing they would lose these prized possessions permently and would never get them back.”


Jesus is not an animal, and lambs & calves do not ressurect. His human life was what He gave up (the lambs & calves didn’t have a choice). He didn’t resist or alter or manipulate the circumstances that would lead to His death, as well as death itself. Where is the sacrifice, Ken? A moron could tell where the sacrifice is. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that He laid His own human life down for us (in more ways than one), which was an affirmation of the love He already had for mankind before He was born. His sacrifice(s) are given as an example to His followers, to lay their own lives down (literally or figuratively) for His sake, and the sake of His purposes. His death & ressurection wasn’t just to show His love for us & cover us spiritually, but… to show us that any sacrifices we must make on His behalf will not go unrewarded. We aren’t discussing the death of Mohammed, Buddah, or any other human founder of a religion, here… we’re talking about Jesus Christ, the fullness of God Himself.

What angle — will you take a stab at, now?

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