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I don’t know if this will help any, but here goes:

They way I see the “trinity” (the word “trinity” does not appear in the bible) is like I view myself. Let me explain.

I am a father, I am also a son, and I am a brother. I am all three of these congruently (at the same time). These three aspects of my character co-exist simultaneously. Yet as a son I can not do the things that a father can do. The same goes for me being a brother, and a father.

As a father I set rules, guidelines, and enforce them, but as a son I cannot do this. And as a son I am obedient of the fathers rules and guidelines but cannot change or institute any of them. And as a brother I am as an onlooker who can re-affirm the rules set by the father, but cannot enforce them or change them.

The Father is the supreme being in the trinity, and the Son carries out the will of the Father in obedience. The Holy Spirit (like a conscience) re-affirms the will of the Father in us, letting us know what is right and wrong.

They are all three distinct aspects of the character of God, but they are all one being, or source.

I hope this helps. GBU.

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