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James Murphy

The son of the trinity is not the creator but the human servant and mediator between god and man. Christ is not equal to god but has the ability and assaignment to do Gods work on earth. In that way Christ is far more effective on earth than god can be, because you are seeing the way of god through the body of a man. Miracles are easy to perform if you are on the right path, they come naturally. What you will see in christ in the flesh is a lion with a crown on his head that roars in a language you have never heard before. A man with a bow and arrows that slays dragons with his tongue and heals the sick with simple systems. He will come forward in a chariot of fire or ride in on a giant mule and take you by surprize like a thief in the night. Its the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you out. Expect a haymaker of a punch when you least expect it and then wake up and listen to the man who speaks in tongues and parables.

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