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Ken: You wrote:rdrcofe brought up some interesting points concerning water, but failed to answer the question so I ask you again: Do you believe God can be 1 of 3 persons at any given time? but not all at the same time? or do you believe like “sonofaslan” that the 3 people are only 1/3 God each and make up 1 complete God when together? Or do you have another explanation of the Trinity.

Q. can God be 1 of 3 persons at any given time?

Yes & No depending on what you understand ‘person’ to mean in relation to God and also what it means to a being who is independent of ‘time’ (i.e. eternally existent before all things), to be at a ‘given time’.

Person when used in a theological sense to describe a facet of the Godhead does not mean ‘individual personality’ as it might in the case of us human beings. It means a spiritual mode of existence. In a similar way to the way water has three distinct ‘modes’ of existence, solid, liquid, gas; ice, water, steam, so God may be thought of as having three distinct ‘modes’ of presenting him / herself to that which he has created. Our ‘perception’ of God is therefore dependent on our ability to relate to these three distinct ‘modes’ by which He has made himself evident to us.

So Three persons, does not mean Three people or three Gods. It means three ways in which we can perceive the One God.

The following statements are all logically correct regarding water.

Water has three distinct modes of existence.

God has three distinct modes of existence.

Ice is water.

Jesus is God.

Steam is water.

The Holy Spirit is God.

Water is water.

God is God.

Water is not ice.

God is not Jesus.

Water is not steam.

God is not the Holy Spirit.

Ice is not steam.

Jesus is not the Holy Spirit.

Steam is not ice.

The Holy Spirit is not Jesus.

Ice, steam and water are all water.

Jesus, The Holy Spirit and The Father are all God.

What is logically true of water may quite possibly, logically be true of God. There need be nothing illogical about the Doctrine of the Trinity.

There are many things we cannot ‘pin down’ and define even though we try to.

Is light a wave or a stream of particles? . . . . . . well it depends how you look at it.

Was Jesus a man or God . . . . . well it depends how you look at it.

Can you describe exactly what time is? No!

Can you describe exactly what God is? No!

I have no difficulty accepting these are mysteries which I may one day understand.

Why do you need to know today?

Is it that you need to put God in a labled box along with everything else in your collection of ‘things you understand’?

Might I venture to suggest that it is exactly this egocentricity which prevents the development of a relationship with the entity you claim to be curious about.

Curiosity is a gift of God, use it wisely.

Love Chris.

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