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Hi Ken, I don’t necessarily believe in the trinity, but I would like to throw my two cents in. The plurality of God is established in Genesis when ‘God said let us.’ There are over 700 names for God scattered throughout the Christian scriptures, however, in the NT the LordGod presents Himself primarily as functioning in three capacities. I feel the doctrine of the trinity helps in the understanding of the redemptive plan, however, when folks get to attached to the concepts it leads to all sorts of silliness like Jesus arguing with a vengefull Father bent on fiery judgement and the Holy Spirit circling the throne trying to hold it all together and git’er done. An over emphasis on oneness, on the other hand, makes it almost impossible for the human brain to process the information. The thing is, the nature of God as the uncreated is beyond our comprehension. He is the genderless benevolent force that manifested Himself as a man in the person of Jesus and works through his Spirit toward the sanctifying of all men. I teach my little ones that Jesus lives in their tummies and the whole world lives in Jesus’ tummy. A.W Tozer said something like that, and I think it is about as close to the reality as we can articulate. The Buddhist say that the more spiritual something is, the harder and fewer the words to describe it. That is why Buddha never spoke of God. I enjoy accepting the nature of God as a beautifull mystery, and it has produced much better fruit in my life than when I was dogmatic about a particular point of view.

Thanks for putting up with this.

Peace and Light, David

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