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Chris Medway

Crikey, Mikey:

You wrote:Ken and Jeanne (and all who agree with you), you two are fools. Not learned in the things of God.

Now, now, Mike. I know how infuriatingly circular Ken and Jeanne can be in their reasoning but they too are children of our Heavenly Father, even if they are a little wayward .

dicussions with you about christian topics are simply casting pearls before pigs. That’s in the bible…

Yes Mike and so is this. ‘If anyone says ‘raca’ to his brother he will be liable . . .’

Raca means ’empty, worthless’ and is an even milder insult in Jewish parlance than ‘fool’.

Remember the Latin Motto Mike, especially when dealing with ‘no-godder’s’ – – ‘Non Iligitium sed carborundum’ Or ‘Never let the ******’s grind you down’.

Love CHris.

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