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ken, I will admit,that most of Christianity really just does a disservice to itself on this topic.

there is One God.

however, in regards to the way he works, talks and reveals himelf, for all intensive purpoeses, he is tri-une in nature.

‘churchians” over use the word “mystery”.

as in “We cant explain it, its a mystery we cant fathom”.

everything God WANTS US to know–is in the scriptures.

and he reveals himself, for Lifes applications, as 3.

not 3 Gods, but 3 natural deitical “personages”.

The Father,is to be the one of whom plans, and whom we acknwoledge for his plan of becoming the “begotten son” King.

The son, gives up no position whatsoever, in terms of praise and worship.

its the “administrative expedition” of the Godhead, where the 3 become distinct.

we have an CEO,—who represents the company–an executive who does the “social work” and “public relations”, and an executive who carries out the everyday workings with the public.

they make up one corporate leadership. all equal.

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