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bhowe said:

“The things of God are not the things of man. If you try to use it in a mathmatical equation it will never total upon no mater what the sum or balance is.”

The term “trinity” was not made up by God, it was made up by man. As I said before the term isn’t even mentioned in the bible.

“let’s say that yes there is indeed a God……would He not also have the power and ability to take a portion of Himself and inplace it into the womb of a woman to create a body of human flesh,”

If he did that you would still have 1 God with a portion of him in a woman’s body. Now if that portion of him inside the woman devolops into another God, then you have 2 Gods.

“and if He could do that then He certainly a porton of His Spirit and send it those He chooses to help,”

Again! if that spirit of his becomes a complete God; now you have 3 Gods



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