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brian howe

The things of God….., is in reference to the fact that, things of the nature of God are not capable to be understood by man.

Develops into having 3 Gods,

No still 1 God, because all of them are the same God. God the Father is God, God the Son is still God, God the Holy Spirit, is still the same God. They are 3 yes, but the are still 1.

They are 3 because they are three portions of Him. I understand that many get confussed on the Trinity idea, but it is possible to understand.

Isaiah, tells us that there are 7 spirits of God. So does that mean there are now 7 Gods? No.

God the Father is the God; the ancient of days.

God the Son is God the Father in human form, who came down to destroy the barriers that we seperated ourselves from God with.

God teh Holy Spirit, is God the Father and God the Son since they are 1 in the same, that comes to those who are in Christ to reveal things to, to give revelation, to be able to work in the spirit, to those who yes do talk in tongues.

Kind of llike a multiple personality, that person still is only one person, but has different parts in him.

And please don’t take this as me saying God is multiple personality disordered. I only say this as a way to maybe help someone understand.

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