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Great! lots of responses. Invjames said:

“I am a father, I am also a son, and I am a brother. I am all three of these congruently (at the same time). These three aspects of my character co-exist simultaneously. Yet as a son I can not do the things that a father can do. The same goes for me being a brother, and a father.”

To some people you are a father and the son and brother aspect of you doesn’t exist, others you are a brother and the son an father aspect of you doesn’t exist, and the same goes for you being a father. If were were to accept this analogy that would mean to some people God the father exist but not Jesus or the holy spirit, others only Jesus exist but not God or the holy spirit, etc. I think holli4782 made a very good point. As a person there are many ways you can be discribed, brother, father, son, boss, employee, etc. and as a person you make rules for certain people while following rules of others. You aren’t all of these things to yourself.

Rahlin sorta brought up the same point, and I think his argument is flawed in the same way yours is.

sonofaslan said:

“The word “trinity” is a term used to denote the Christian doctrine that God exists as a unity of three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each of the persons is distinct from the other, yet identical in essence. In other words, each is fully divine in nature, but each is not the totality of the Trinity.”

I understand that, but are they each total God? or only 33% God each (sorta like my 3 branches of the USA government)

“The Father is not the same person as the Son who is not the same person as the Holy Spirit who is not the same person as the Father. Each is divine, yet there are not three gods, but one God.”

You appear to be that saying Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are only 33% God each but together they make up 100% God. Is that your position or am I misunderstanding you?

rdrcofe brought up some interesting points concerning water, but failed to answer the question so I ask you again: Do you believe God can be 1 of 3 persons at any given time? but not all at the same time? or do you believe like “sonofaslan” that the 3 people are only 1/3 God each and make up 1 complete God when together? Or do you have another explanation of the Trinity.



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