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I think I finally understand the whole “trinity” thing. In my opinion, most churches and preachers just make it too dang confusing. After taking in account all of my knowledge on the subject, I’ve come to this conclusion: There is only ONE God. He took the very essence of himself and became flesh to die for our sins. The Holy Spirit is like our conscience, or having our Father’s traits and teachings inside us. We must credit all three sources because without the Holy Spirit, there can be no good. Without Jesus, we would have all gone to hell. And without the Father, we wouldn’t have existed in the first place!

When Jesus was praying to the Father he was setting an example for men, because obviously it would have seemed REALLY blasphemous and unbelievable if he had outright said, “I am God made flesh.” So there is only one guy in heaven, and the person of Jesus is our advocate for forgiveness because before He came, we didn’t have one.

The term “Son” is metaphorical I believe, meaning “part of.” And it makes sense that God would call his cloneish counterpart “Son,” as he was born of a mother and had to grow like all children are and do.

When Jesus went back to heaven, he really just went back to Himself. To be at the “right hand” is also metaphorical meaning having lots of power.

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