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Chris Medway

112271 (Ken Jones):I ment if you look at Jesus by himself is he a complete God

Peace Ken. I’m prepared to go out on a limb here, just for you Ken.

I would guess, (and this is my own personal opinion here), that the human being Jesus was fully ‘human’ and therefore as a mortal human, notGod. In other words as a human being ‘God’ did not die. The human being Jesus died. However, a human being is not just a body, to be truly human we are more than just ‘a body’. I think the ‘spirit’ which inhabited the body of Jesus was (in some inexplicable way), God himself. Nothing like this had ever happened before. God incarnate, fully human, yet fully divine.

If you look at Jesus by himself he is fully and completely human like ourselves. No supernatural advantages, no cop outs, no easy way out of this life and into the next, no means to communicate with his Heavenly Father except through prayer, (the same for us).

That is what makes Jesus so irresistably attractive and inspirational to me as a human being, stuck here on this side of death, with nothing but prayer to communicate with whatever is beyond.

I think perhaps Jesus is God’s way of saying ‘sorry for the way my, (God’s), world works, but I am subject to the same rules myself’. ‘Hurts does’nt it’.

Jesus has been here. He knows what it is like. He sympathises. He has done as much as he can to help us in our situation and has (I hope), prepared a place for us where ever He has gone.

This is the hope of the Gospel. Accept it, reject it. It’s your choice!

Choose or put it off, it’s up to you!

Love CHris.

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