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rdrcofe said:

“You have already had two people post the whole Athanasian Creed, which is a definative statement of exactly what we believe about the Trinity. It is the orthdox view, (and obscure as it is), it is the best we can offer. If it does not constitute for you, (a straight answer), I guess it is fair for you to assume that this horse has been beaten to death.

Unfortuantely the Athanasian Creed doesn’t answer the question I asked, but I do appreciate the effort.

woodsong asked:

“Since we can’t give you the answer you want to hear, you give us the answer you want to hear.”

The question was “Is Jesus a complete God by himself apart form the Holy Spirit, and God the Father? And is it the same for the other two God heads?” Now I will list 2 of the many ways this question can be answered.

1. Yes Jesus is a complete God by himself, the same for the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. To which I would ask “now doesn’t that suggest polythiesm?” To which you can answer “Yes”! (erin aka holli4782 takes this position)

Another way this question can be answered is:

2. No! Jesus, God the father, and the Holy Spirit are only a fraction of a complete God by themselves but when combined they all make up the one complete God that we worship

These are the types of answers I was expecting



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