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to me religion and logic has never mixed

A couple of observations. First, logic doesn’t mix with a lot that life is comprised of. Love isn’t logical, hate is even more illogical. Patriotism, loyalty, et cetera aren’t logical, but they are very much a part of the reality of life. Are we to simply reject them because they aren’t logical?

Second, belief in Christ is supposed to be based on faith, which of course is another of those illogical things that nonetheless is a part of the reality of life (and don’t go asking for secular examples of faith, they are there and even you could mention a few if you thought about it). Well, I just have the faith that God exists. I really don’t care about the “logic” of it. If I based my beliefs purely on what is logical, I wouldn’t believe in much.

they keep bringing up the (bad) analogies as if THEY are trying to make the trinity appear logical

So forget the analogies. We (at least Chris and I) went with analogies because you seem to refuse to accept that the trinity DOES NOT mean three separate gods, but ONE God with three forms with respect to our encounter with or “seeing” God. If you can’t buy that then fine.

The trinity concept didn’t come from God, it came from men.

Most people who don’t believe in the Trinity claim that, primarily because the term “trinity” doesn’t appear verbatim in scripture, but it totally disregards something Christ said:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit …” Matt 28:19

Now, if that isn’t the Trinity I don’t what is. Most opponents toss this verse aside as some sort of ritual thing Christ commanded, but Christ never went in for pointless ritual things (in fact slammed the Pharisees for engaging in theirs), so it sounds more like an excuse for ignoring something that debunks their belief.

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