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After I went on my rant, Holli4782 said:

“I think, you guys are all talking past each other. They ARE answering you. It just isn’t an answer that works for you. What I perceive you want is something logical.”

No! I think you’ve misunderstood me. If you recall a previous post from Oct 24th my response to rdrcofe was

“Maybe it has to do with having faith, I don’t know. All I know is my common sense, my logical mind, and math skills tell me that 1 complete God, plus 1 complete God plus 1 complete God equals 3 complete Gods. For you to see this as equaling 1 complete God…. I don’t understand it but I do respect it and I appreciate your perspective on the Trinity.”

I was willing to let it go with that because to me religion and logic has never mixed. But they keep bringing up the (bad) analogies as if THEY are trying to make the trinity appear logical, thus I keep poking holes in their logic. I also am consistently given excuses like “We are not meant to understand the very deepest of theological thinking on this topic,we are to take it in faith” as if the trinity concept actually came from God himself, and is above our limited human understanding. All I ask for is a straight honest answer. The trinity concept didn’t come from God, it came from men. If men can create this concept, men should be able to explain it to me. if you can’t explain it but still believe it, say so and let someone else try. If the trinity is illogical by definition, say so! That’s all I ask.



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