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erin xxxx


“I asked you a simple question and all I get is water, quarters, fruit salad, tricycles, eggs, & apples! You guys are giving me everything but a straight answer! Hummm….. I wonder why.”

I think, you guys are all talking past each other. They ARE answering you. It just isn’t an answer that works for you. What I perceive you want is something logical. You want something besides bad analogies (no offense guys), changed word meanings (i.e. persons), and strange math (i.e. 1+1+1=1). The analogies they give are, loose at best (and as you keep pointing out they break down later on). It is their attempt to explain the unexplainable. The trinity leaves that God is a mystery and thus logic (at least as we know it) need not apply.

The trinity is a very serious tenet in their belief system. Whether you or I find it to be logical is not really the point of it. It is simply something on a very long list of things that have no empirical proof or logical answer. These things are believed in faith. For those who accept only what makes logical sense or has this empirical proof, faith is not completely understandable. It believes in that which can not be seen or explained. That is what they are saying. That isn’t however their problem; it is ours. We are the ones who want the logical explanation and they do not require it. However, it is possible that I accept that as a valid answer before you as I believe in a God that I can not prove to you exists… and I am perfectly ok with that.

I see this problem arise often on various things. Someone wants some proof, some logic, ANYTHING that will validate the reason other people believe in something. There are a few people with intersting NDE stories or other such experiences, but the majority of us really just believe based on some internal experience. We can not give that to anyone. We can’t tell you why you don’t have it. We can only tell you what has happened to us. Religion, belief, theology–it’s a journey one takes internally. However, I don’t believe it’s just theists that at times wish they could extricate their experiences to hand to someone else for explanation. Language is very limiting at times.

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