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Chris Medway


Not accurately reading what’s written as usual eh!

I actually wrote [i]If you have 1 wheel and a frame for the saddle you do not have 1/3 of a tricycle. You have a unicycle.

You erroniously wrote:And for the record, a tricycle with only 1 wheel is NOT a unicycle, & a tricycle with only 2 wheels is NOT a bike, they are just defaced, useless tricycles.

A cycle with one wheel and a frame for the saddle is (correct me if I’m wrong), a unicycle, not a defaced and useless tricycle. I didn’t mention it being a tricycle with only one wheel nor yet a tricycle with only two wheels. My point was that only a tricycle has three wheels and a cycle with any other number of wheels is not a tricycle. A God with any less (or more) than three persons, is not the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

It is really difficult getting you to understand what is plainly written, let alone what is obscure, esoteric and abstract, like trinitarian theory, if you will persistently misquote, misunderstand and misread even simple sentences about material things.

Love chris.

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