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Gc13 said:

“The Trinity(tri=3)is God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit–all wrapped up in one.”

I understand that, care to answer the question at hand?

“We are not meant to understand the very deepest of theological thinking on this topic,we are to take it in faith.”

Why? The men who came up with the concept obviously understood what they were making up, why can’t we understand? They are no better than we are!

“It was explained to me this way—an apple has 3 parts to it–the skin,flesh and seeds. Blaa, blaa, blaa…….”

NO!!! not that again! I asked 1 simple question and all I get are analogies. If you don’t know the answer that’s fine, if you do please tell me in your own words.

Rdrcofe said:


Not accurately reading what’s written as usual eh!

I actually wrote If you have 1 wheel and a frame for the saddle you do not have 1/3 of a tricycle. You have a unicycle……It is really difficult getting you to understand what is plainly written, let alone what is obscure, esoteric and abstract, like trinitarian theory, if you will persistently misquote, misunderstand and misread even simple sentences about material things.”

DUDE!!!! Get off the tricycle and answer the question! I asked you a simple question and all I get is water, quarters, fruit salad, tricycles, eggs, & apples! You guys are giving me everything but a straight answer! Hummm….. I wonder why.



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