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Ken Asked:

When you say one God, do you also mean one person or being?

I believe God to be the one supreme entity within the universe, an infinite intelligence separate from all creation. He exists in an incorporeal form within the spiritual realm. I don not define him in anthropomorphic terms, such as “person. I will speak of of him figuarely as “father” just as Christ did.

To go with the quarter analogy, unless each of the facets of the quarter are together, they are usless. The face is usless metal without the other parts in tact, the same for the other parts. Is the same for the trinity? Is Jesus usless without the father and the Holy Spirit with him?

In a word, yes.

Is it usless to pray to Jesus only?

I agree with Chris’ answer.

Since Jesus died, isn’t he spiritual as well? He isn’t physically walking around here on earth, right?

Correct on both accounts. In addition to Chris’ response, we (or I) view Jesus at the time he was physically here on earth, as an example of what we can do, until we join him, spiritually.

To which you’d still probably respond

So in other words, you are still insisting that 1+1+1=1.

Only if one “quarter” heads, one “quarter” tails and one “quarter” edge equals three “quarters.” (I like the quarter analogy as you can see).

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