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Chris Medway

112271 (Ken Jones)

Hi Ken: Still ‘enquiring’? Seek, ask, knock, there might well be someone in. Who knows?

You wrote, (and I await with anticipation the ensuing controversy ):

Is it like water, steam, and ice, whereas God will be 1 of 3 beings at any given time but not at the same time?

First assumption about this analogy which confuses the issue is ‘any given time and ‘at the same time‘.

God is ‘timeless’ and not subject to the constraints of ‘time’ as ice, water, vapour is. So the analogy has it’s limitations, as do all analogies.

However ice, water, vapour (or steam) do hold good in other important respects vis a vis an understanding of the paradox of Trinitarian theory.

Ice, water, and steam are not three ‘different’ things. They are ALL exactly the same ‘thing’. – Water! H2O

The ‘state’ of water is decided by temperature and pressure so the analogy breaks down there too, God, (we think), being subject to no outside influence but transcendent yet immanent.

But there are some very unique, little known and surprising things about water, and probably about God too.

Most of us think that the freezing point of water is zero degrees Celsius. Not true. Pure water, (filtered of all impurities), can remain liquid well below -25 degrees Celsius.

Ice can change straight into vapour without ever becoming a liquid on the way.

Water can ‘boil’ at well below ‘room temperature’. (Try making a cup of tea on mount Everest).

Water is (I think) the only substance which expands both when it gets hot and when it gets cold. Most other things (perhaps you know some that don’t), most other things expand linearly as they get hotter and contract as they get colder.

If it were not for this rather unique property of water, (expanding as it cools in it’s solid state), earth’s climate would be very different, probably unable to sustain life, certainly unable to sustain human life.

Water would have frozen into ice bergs and sunk to the bottom of our oceans. The salinity of the oceans would increase to staggering proportions as all our fresh water got ‘locked up’ in the ocean depths.

Maybe God is telling us something through ‘water’ about His ‘Essential nature’, or perhaps he is telling us something about how ‘essential’ He is to our well being, without being ‘in our face’ about it.

Love Chris.

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