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Rdrcofe said:

“112271 (Ken Jones)

Your analagy of the coin does not hold up Ken. One side of a

coin is not 100% coin. Any coin that is defaced is no longer a coin as far as currency is concerned. Try fileing half a side off of a quarter and passing it off as 100% quarter. You’ll get nicked for sure.”

First of all, the only reason I used the quarter analogy is because that is what the person I was debating with at that time used. And when I said it was 100% quarter, I said that in reference to the ingredients. Whatever the quarter is made of, so is each side of it. And for the record, a tricycle with only 1 wheel is NOT a unicycle, & a tricycle with only 2 wheels is NOT a bike, they are just defaced, useless tricycles. You also appear to be avoiding my question. I asked, is Jesus by himself a COMPLETE God, and the same for the other heads of the trinity? If Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, by themselves are complete Gods, then you either have 3 Gods, or bad math (1+1+1=1) when you put them together.

Arewn said:

“The way I was taught to better understand it was to picture an egg..you have the egg shell, the white of the egg and the egg yoke. Dont know if this helps but I thought I’d share.”

Sorry! I am afraid it doesn’t help. The shell by itself is useless, and the other parts of the egg can’t do as it was designed to do without the help of the shell. To apply that to the trinity you must say that either Jesus, God, or the HS is useless by themselves, but the 2 remaining ones need it in order to be functional.



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