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Chris Medway

112271 (Ken Jones)

Your analagy of the coin does not hold up Ken. One side of a coin is not 100% coin. Any coin that is defaced is no longer a coin as far as currency is concerned. Try fileing half a side off of a quarter and passing it off as 100% quarter. You’ll get nicked for sure.

A Tricicle has 3 wheels and a frame to hold them together.

If you have 1 wheel and a frame for the saddle you do not have 1/3 of a tricicle. You have a unicycle.

If you have 2 wheels and a frame you have a Bicycle.

Only if you have 3 wheels and a frame do you have a tricycle.

If you consider the tricycle as a distinct entity in itself it requires three wheels to be what it is, otherwise it becomes something else.

So a tricycle necessarily requires 3 wheels. God, to be God, necessarily requires 3 persons, (i.e. hypostasis – before we get embroiled in that one all over again).

Now, knowing where you are coming from on this matter, I suspect that we are never going to reach agreement, even on the terms used, let alone the concepts under consideration, therefore I think it best if we concentrate our efforts on more productive threads where some difinitive conclusions might be reached and some knowledge might be gained.

Love Chris.

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