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Chris Medway

Ken: You wrote: To apply that analogy to the trinity is to say Jesus is 100% God, (not 33% God and 66% human or something else)

Trinitarian thought is that Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and The Father are each 100% God. This is because there is no difference in ‘substance’ between them. God is a being in complete unity with himself. Jesus represented that ‘total integration of personality’ in ALL his doings on earth. He said, ‘I only ever do the will of the Father’. If Jesus did it, (stilled storms, gave sight to the blind, healed the mentally ill, did good on the Sabbath, etc.) , then God the Father also operates in exactly the same fashion, because there is no distinction between them.

I see God as a sort of spiritual Siamese triplet sharing one heart. Each has a personality of their own but they are so interdependent that individually they could not exist without the others. (I realise this is a very carnal and crude analogy, but it is the best I can offer). The love that motivates The Father is the very same love which motivates the Son, is the very same love which motivates the Holy Spirit. ALL THREE PERSONS are expressions of the perfect love of the Godhead. The Godhead is ALL THREE or nothing.

You wrote;when you put them all together they make 1 complete God. Do you agree with this point? Or you still insisting on 1+1+1=1

Together or apart, (as Jesus was when incarnated or the Holy Spirit is when dispersed among believers), they are ALL and EACH 100% God. Not because of what each of them are but because of their infinite connectedness. (My own inadequate words I’m afraid ).

You wrote:Is Jesus usless without the father and the Holy Spirit with him? Is it usless to pray to Jesus only?

Not at all! When we pray to Jesus, the Father hears, The Holy Spirit intercedes. The Trinity of persons relate all relevant information to eachother, they communicate, (something I fear, because of our disintegrated personalities we humans don’t, very well).

You Wrote:Since Jesus died, isn’t he spiritual as well? He isn’t physically walking around here on earth, right?

Correct, except that Jesus is the ‘first fruits of them that sleep’, He is the first and only human being to have broken through the barrier of death into ‘Life Eternal’, complete with a suitably adapted ‘body’ which functions in the New Mode of existence He called ‘The Kingdom of God’. WE await with expectation for the time when ALL shall follow his example, by treading the path HE trod, also, like him, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Love Chris.

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