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woodsong said:

“The one thing that non-trinitarians don’t seem to get or refuse to accept is that we trinitarians do not believe that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three separate gods, but are facets of one God. It makes their whole argument invalid because it’s based on a false premise.”

When you say one God, do you also mean one person or being?

“To continue with the quarter analogy. Ken, you are correct, the edge of the quarter is 100% quarter, but does not reveal the whole of the quarter. There is the heads and the tails that can’t be seen from the edge. The same can be said about the heads and the tails (viewpoint). In order to seen the entire quarter, you must look at from all angles.”

To go with the quarter analogy, unless each of the facets of the quarter are together, they are usless. The face is usless metal without the other parts in tact, the same for the other parts. Is the same for the trinity? Is Jesus usless without the father and the Holy Spirit with him? Is it usless to pray to Jesus only?

“The same is true of God. There is God (the spiritual facet), Jesus Christ (the physical facet) and the Holy Spirit (the connection between the two facet)”

Since Jesus died, isn’t he spiritual as well? He isn’t physically walking around here on earth, right?



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