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Chris Medway

112271 (Ken Jones)

You wrote:Each side of the quarter is 100% quarter,

You are wrong there Ken.

Would you accept a two headed quarter in your change, (apart from it being a bit of a curiosity).

I remember fileing a penny down so that it was exactly half the thickness and fileing another down till both were half a coin with heads on. I then soldered the halves together leaving only a barely perceptable join line between the two halves.

The resulting coin was not worth 2 pennies. It was not even worth 1 penny. It was worthless as currency because it was no longer a penny. Great for fooling people in toss-ups but counterfeit regards real money.

So one side of a quarter is worthless. The other side is also worthless. The bit that joins one face to the other is worthless. Only if it is undefaced and complete is it worth a quarter. Percentages don’t even come into it.

You either have a whole quarter, complete with heads, tais and the disk of metal that joins them, or you don’t have a quarter at all.

It’s like that with God. You either have Father, Son and Holy spirit in perfect unity or you don’t have a God at all.

No prizes for guessing which of the two options you would choose Ken.

LOve Chris.

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