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Greg Platt

Alright, here we go…

To step away from the math equations…

There is one God. There is one Christ. There is one Holy Spirit.

Those three make up the Godhead. However, they are not individual beings. Each is simply another facet of the Godhead.

Its a difficult thing to come up with a metaphor for. But heres a shot.

Let say you have a quarter. You have two sides, heads and tails, you also have the edge. The head is unique…in terms of the picture, the wording etc. The same is true of the tail. The eagle, the slogan, etc. And the same is also true of the edge. The ridges, the bands of color, etc.

You cannot however, have only the heads, without the tails or the edge, and still have a quarter. You cannot even have just the heads and the edge and still have a quarter. You must have all three in order to have one.

This possibly makes no sense, so i’ll await your response.

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