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Rahlin said:

“1+1+1=3, thats true, I look at it more like



Each portion making up then 1/3 of the Godhead.”

x+y+z= 3 separate items, even when the items are equal. If 3 separate Gods make up 1/3 of the Godhead, than either the Godhead consists of 3 Gods, or each of the x,y,&z Gods equals 1/3 of a God

“Of course, using number in this case would be incorrect anyway. I better example would be

infinity + infinity + infinity = infinity”

When you say infinity, do you mean an infinite number of Gods? (that’s gonna open up a whole new can of worms) or the amount of time God has existed? (which has nothing to do with this conversation)

Holli4782 said:

“I am one that the majority of christians find heretical. I deny a trinity. I believe they are 1 god + 1 god + 1 god = 3 gods. However, I have tried to understand the trinity so, I am used to hearing their explanations—none of which are convincing to me (sorry guys). But with my belief in 3 gods (at least for us on earth) I’m also not trying to claim monotheism. I’m perfectly fine with being considered polytheist even if others wish to pretend I don’t exist (check further up in the thread) or in other ways slander me. I thought since in regards to the trinity we’re in the same boat (it being very confusing and seemingly illogical) I could offer my insight, and in so doing I think I just confused you.”

No you haven’t confused me, as a matter of fact, I think your explanation is the first one I’ve seen that actually makes sense.



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