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When I asked rdrcofe

Explain how it is possible for 1+1+1 to equal 3 (concerning the trinity) his response was

“water is material and finite; The three persons of the Godhead and the Godhead (three in one), are, we believe infinite”

Infinite as far as being in existence yes! But not infinite as far as the number of Godheads, 3 is not an infinite number.

“Therefore instead of adding as you did with your finite gallons of water perhaps we should multiply and then see what happens.

(1 x 1 x 1=1) Jesus x Holy Spirit x Father = God. All are one and the result is also one.”

The sum of 1 God, 1 Son, and 1 Holy Spirit equaling 3 is a question about addition. Not multiplication, not division, or any other type of math. If something is going to make sense, it should make sense no matter what type of math is used.

“You cannot add members of the Godhead together like bricks. You are still stuck in concrete thought. Try lifting your perception to understand that God is spirit.

Still doesn’t work. Weather you are counting bricks or spirits, 1+1+1 still equals 3. Maybe this is one of those things that I will never be able to understand. I remember years ago I had a coworker who enjoyed listening to that crazy type of rock music. One day I asked him “how can you listen to that stuff? Whenever I hear it, I wanna bang my head against a wall! I want to punch somebody! It makes me want to screeeeem!!!!!” His response was (knowing that I never have or never will do drugs) “Dude! If you ever decide to get high, this stuff will start sounding real good to you then” Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to equate believing in God to doing drugs, I am simply saying those are 2 things on a very long list of things I don’t understand. Maybe it has to do with having faith, I don’t know. All I know is my common sense, my logical mind, and math skills tell me that 1 complete God, plus 1 complete God plus 1 complete God equals 3 complete Gods. For you to see this as equaling 1 complete God…. I don’t understand it but I do respect it and I appreciate your perspective on the Trinity.

Holli4782 said:

“I think you are misunderstanding me. Maybe you got that idea when I mentioned “non-manifesting avatars.” I was saying that b/c in the trinitarian model God the Father and the HS lack physical bodies. Avatars are physical manifestations. However, the Father and the HS are still 2 other ways trinitarians view God and they are as distinct from one another as the avatars of Vishnu (his tortoise avatar isn’t his fish one). Perhaps, I was being needlessly complicated.”

So like rdrcofe, you see the trinity as 3 separate beings huh? Do you also believe 1 God plus 1 God plus 1 God equals 1 God? Or do you have another perspective.



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