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Chris Medway

112271 (Ken Jones)

You wrote:If I have 1 gallon of water with ice cubes in it and I bring it to a boil, I will NOT have 1 gallon of water, 1 gallon of ice, and 1 gallon of steam, I will have a fraction of a gallon of each, with their sum totaling 1 gallon. In order to have a gallon of each, the sum will have to total 3 gallons. (1+1+1=3) do you follow me so far? Yes, But!

The water in your bucket is not ice.

God is not Jesus.

The ice in your bucket is not water vapour.

Jesus is not the Holy Spirit.

The water and the ice and the water vapour are all the same substance; water.

Jesus the Holy Spirit and The Father are all the same substance; God.

The water vapour is the substance water.

The Holy Spirit is God.

The water is the substance water.

The Father is God.

The ice is the substance water.

Jesus is God.

However, water is material and finite; The three persons of the Godhead and the Godhead (three in one), are, we believe infinite.

It is in fact the gallon which represents God, the Three in one. A Gallon which is composed of infinitely varying, (to our perception from the point of view of being in time, constantly changing water, ice and vapour.

Therefore instead of adding as you did with your finite gallons of water perhaps we should multiply and then see what happens.

(1 x 1 x 1=1) Jesus x Holy Spirit x Father = God. All are one and the result is also one.

You wrote:Now here is what I need you to do in order to clear up this obvious confusion we are experiencing. Define this other definition of “people” that those 4th century men who made up the term trinity used, and explain to me how it is possible for 1+1+1 to equal 1. Explaining the Trinity should’nt be all that difficult, the men who created the term understood it, I am sure we can as well right?

You cannot add members of the Godhead together like bricks. You are still stuck in concrete thought. Try lifting your perception to understand that God is spirit. God is also Holy, which simply means that God is utterly unlike anything we can even imagine. God is utterly unique, utterly unlike anything else. There may be many NO MATCH FOR /i, similar to God, but only God is like God. Jesus is like God, because He is God. The Holy Spirit is like God, because He/She is also God. They all posess the same nature and substance

The Doctrine of the Trinity was only formulated in order to reconcile otherwise contradictory passages of scripture. Before the cannon of scripture there was generally no necessity for formally stating a Doctrine of the Trinity. It came about mostly in response to the rise of certain heresies around 300-400 AD. If you have no interest in scripture or the understanding of it with reference to the nature of God, I can understand your difficulty with The Trinity. It must all seem a bit pointless to you, I suppose.

Love Chris.

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