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sonofasian said:

First things first. The Trinity is not God divided 33% to each

We as finite beings (using 2 – 3% of our brains)are trying to understand an infinite concept — such as the Trinity of God. Obviously, we may not be able to fully wrap our arms (i.e. our heads) around this to fully understand all it encompasses.”

Why is it an infinite concept? The men who came up with the term “trinity” used 2-3% of their brains just as you and I, and were as fiite as the rest of us. If they can understand this concept that they made up, why can’t you and I?

rdrcofe said:

“Ken:You signed off with . . .

The only thing I ever claimed to be curious about is the opinions different people have about the question I asked.

Why? So you could increase your understanding or so you could express your disagreement and prove them wrong?”

So I can increase my understanding of the various opinions out there.

“112271 (Ken Jones):

You contradicted:I disagree! 3 persons DOES mean 3 people, or Gods.

Define the word ‘person’ however you like, you will never make any sense of Trinitarian theory while you insist on your own definitions.”

I never defined the word, the dictionary did. According to the dictionary the definition of person is

1 A living human

2 An individual of specified character

3 The composite of characteristics that make up an individual personality

Excuse my ignorance but I only know English, and can only respond to the english definition of words. Now, if you know of another definition of “person” that Trinitarian’s use, then by all means, translate it for me.

“In debating Trinitarian theory the only definition of ‘person’ acceptable as being theologically valid is the definition at the time (4th Century or so), of ‘persons’ adopted by the council that formulated the Doctrine of the Trinity in the first place. I think they should know what they meant better than you do Ken”

I noticed you didn’t translate the definition of “person” used by the men of the 4th century who made up the term “trinity”, that would have saved a whole lotta trouble

“are you now an expert in Latin translation of ancient theological documents in addition to your many other talents.”

As I said, I only use the dictionary definition of terms. And what do you mean by my many other talents? have you seen my unicycle/juggling act or something? If so thanks for the compliment.

“Ken, You wrote:You were doing great until you said water and Ice are not the same.

Here we have an example, (everyone note this please), of Ken’s duplicity in misquoting or wilfully misunderstanding what others have actually written.

I did not say ‘water and ice are not the same’. I said ‘Water is not ice'”

If I have 1 gallon of water with ice cubes in it and I bring it to a boil, I will NOT have 1 gallon of water, 1 gallon of ice, and 1 gallon of steam, I will have a fraction of a gallon of each, with their sum totaling 1 gallon. In order to have a gallon of each, the sum will have to total 3 gallons. (1+1+1=3) do you follow me so far? Now here is what I need you to do in order to clear up this obvious confusion we are experiencing. Define this other definition of “people” that those 4th century men who made up the term trinity used, and explain to me how it is possible for 1+1+1 to equal 1. Explaining the Trinity should’nt be all that difficult, the men who created the term understood it, I am sure we can as well right?



I just noticed holli4782 made an attempt to define the word “person” according to trinitarians. She bacisally said that the term “person” is used to designate the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Didn’t really define the word though.

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